Monday, May 30, 2016

Printable: Mother Subway Art

I missed getting this out on Mother's Day but it's always a good day to appreciate a mom.

Printable: Disney: Mulan Quote Take 2

No matter your insecurities - once you learn that as long as you are happy that you will bloom. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Printable: Faith: Bigger Than Fear

A lot of things should be bigger than our fear.  Most of us have the abilities, the support and the drive but yet fear paralyzes us.  It stops us from doing greater and from being greater. I couldn't imagine what I would have missed out on this year if I let fear get in my way - I wouldn't have shown me all the things I could be.  Even before all of that - God.  God trumps anything.  If He is putting it in your path then obviously He has a reason for it and it's okay to be nervous and scared but don't let fear keep you from following God or your faith. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Teaching: Thoughts Of A Ending Year

I sit here on the eve of closing the chapter on this 2016-2017 school year and I am trying to find the words to sum up this year.  If you need a refresher here's what I thought at the beginning of the year. Each school year is different and unique because you never have the exact same class as you did before or ever for that matter. This year, was obviously, no exception.  Never have I had a year like I had this year and I never will again. So as the year closes it's time to reflect.  The most succinct way I can put it is I'm not the same person I was when I started this year.  I was teaching a subject I'd never formally learned or been trained in while simultaneously assisting my principal in any and every way.  I'd never had a busier school year.  And throughout most of it I wondered how I ended up here, not being a classroom teacher.  My emotions rollercoasted between loving being able to see and teach so many classes and getting to know so many kids to missing having that core group of babies that were mine.  I took a big leap of faith in things I was doing and marveled at the fact that not so long ago I would have been so scared of screwing up and doing something wrong that I wouldn't have even tried.  But try I did and while I was pushed to do more and to be more I didn't break so I'm even stronger than I ever knew.  I took a lot on and in turn more got heaped on but I truly loved the work I did with my principal.  Teaching art?  Well, that was a different story.  It was way out of my comfort zone but I can say that I tried my best and did a lot of research to make sure I taught something.  It wasn't as good as a fit for me as the other venture.  While I am returning to my school, I'm not sure what my position will be yet but I don't think art will be apart of it.  And that's OK - biggest thing I learned from art is I like the high schoolers but not as their teacher.  A lot happened this year but I'm still amazed that I came out on the other side not broken, still standing.  I think I may even be stronger for stepping into the role and stepping up to the challenge.  In the end, no matter what happened this year I learned more about myself than ever and I think it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Printable: Motivational: If Plan A Doesn't Work

So you have a plan.  In your mind and maybe even on paper, it's perfect.  Everything works out to a T.  Then when it's time to execute - bumps and blocks and nothing is working out like it did in your mind and it falls apart. It's going no where, in fact there is no more plan.  What do you do?  Do you quit or do you pick yourself up and come up with a new plan?  After all, if "Plan A" doesn't work, there are more letters and if you run out of letters there are an infinite amount of numbers. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Disney: Ride Recommendation: Splash Mountain

I love the mountains of the Magic Kingdom.  I already gushed over Big Thunder Mountain and today I bring you another one.  This mountain is unlike any other you'll find.  This mountain has timeless characters, a song that you won't mind getting stuck in your head and one of the greatest splash downs around. 

Park: Magic Kingdom
Area: Frontierland
Height: 40 inches
FastPass+ Available

I searched and searched for a photo we have of Splash Mountain but I came up empty. This is one of my favorite rides.  It's the last thing you'll be able to find that is related to Song of the South.  I love how you follow Briar Rabbits journey of leaving the Briar Patch, being chased by Briar Fox and Briar Bear and even getting involved in his escape - it's the part where you splash down, and finally Briar Rabbit returning home.  This ride isn't hurried.  You get to go down several hills, journey through several scenes and brings you right into the story.  It's the epitome of Disney magic at its best.  Mark it as one of your 3 FastPass choices for the day because you don't want to miss this ride. 

Printable: Word of the Week: Courage

I enjoy the word of the week.  I like the extra vocabulary and the way it encourages students to use it and it was my bonus word for my spelling list each week. Teachers would even ask my students about the word and what it meant during the week. So I'll be putting up a new word of the week for you to start to collect. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Printable: Teaching: Respect Poster

The world respect gets used a lot in a classroom.  You're constantly telling someone to have it or asking another one if they have it.  It's a word that's lost its meaning with our students.  They know they hear the word a lot and they can get the sense that they've never been told what it means to have respect, how to show it or even why they should show it.  And starting down this path of thinking gets me on my soap box about how this is the exact reason character education and social/emotional development is just as important as math and reading.  If you don't have any idea how to behave, then you're never going to be in a frame of mind to learn anything. So I created this printable during a year with a class that tested everything I had as a teacher and a person.  It's always good to have a visual reference of what you expect out of your students. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Printable: Lyrics: Defying Gravity

You should always try to fly.  Just think of what you could accomplish if you allow yourself to go and defy gravity.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Printable: Disney: Wisdom from Eeyore

Eeyore isn't a particularly over joyous character but I don't believe he's quite as melancholy as everyone says he is.  He's a very insightful character and these simple words have power and need to be put out there.  Where I live especially people have forgotten that they are not the only ones and it's frustrating so just remember there are others around you and be mindful - it really could make all the difference. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Printable: Faith: Trusting God

Trusting God is a big leap of faith, really the ultimate leap.  In order to follow Him you have to walk blind.  Things are revealed in His time and never in the way we think they should be.  When it was time for me to go back to teaching - I talked to lots of people and had 3 interviews.  I knew which school I wanted to be at and thought where I'd be best at - that is not the place where I'm teaching at now.  It was very clear that Clinton Christian was where I was meant to be.  It was the only place where I was hired - so literally God shut every other door and window but that one.  While I was overall excited to get back to teaching and to get back to second grade - I was a wreck.  I didn't know the why this place would be for me but as soon as I crossed the threshold it was shown over and over that it was for me.  And no, it hasn't always been easy there but I'm there for a reason.  There are things I need to learn, ways I need to be strengthened, and people that are invaluable to me.  It's been a place where I'm doing things that never entered my realm of possibility but I find myself loving the new challenges and seeing the realization of a whole host of possibilities I could be prepared for. And God did that - He made sure to put me where I needed to be and He knew he had to do it in a way that left it as the only option because He also knows how I roll.  
That's not the only story of having to follow God when I wasn't sure where it was going.  But my life wouldn't be nearly as awesome with Superman and Cupcake if it wasn't for God.  So it may be hard to trust God when you have no idea what He's doing but it is so worth it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Printable: Motivational: Second Chance

It took me a very long time to learn this - each day is new.  It's brand new, we've never seen or experienced anything like it before. Each day is different, sure they may have parts of the same but they're not put together in the exact same way as before.  So, therefore, it stands to reason that we also are new.  Each day is another chance - at life, at love, at friendship, at adulting. So I know it's hard not to be so hard on yourself.  It's hard to not obsess over interactions with others or a certain thing you said.  It's hard to let go and try again.  Well you got back on your bike after you fell, right? So tomorrow wake up, get back to life - who knows just what awesome things may happen. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Disney: Snack Recommendation: Jungle Juice Slushy

If there is one thing to be said about your Disney vacation is that at least once in your trip, no matter what time of year, you're gonna say, "I'm hot."  And if you are going in the summer you'll think or say it once every 5 or so minutes.  To Disney's credit there is a numerous selection of delicious frozen drinks available to help cool you down.  Let me interrupt myself and say we thought we knew snacks at Disney.  We thought we had those nailed and were pretty unimportant to us.  We. Were. Wrong. Disney has revolutionized this whole genre that is snacks - to the point that you with your snack credit you can have another meal. So to say we had a great time discovering these delicious little treats all over the property.  One afternoon we were taking a bit of a break in Animal Kingdom when on a whim we bought the fabulous concoction that is the Jungle Juice Slushy. 

Park: Animal Kingdom
Area: Africa
Snack Stand: Mahindi

It was a hit for us all immediately.  It is a delightful mix of orange juice, guava, and passion fruit.  And when I mean delightful mix - I mean it all comes together in this sweet, cool slushy that puts any ICEE or Slush Puppy to shame.  It made it that you didn't want to gulp it down but to savor each sip and roll it on your tongue.  If you are ever in the mood to cool down or just enjoy yummy things I would suggest giving this a try. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Printable: Binder Cover: Sub Plans

So today I put up my last binder cover.  If you stayed with me through them all, congrats!  And thank you! That's awesome!  In the next week or so I'll start something new to collect.  So without anymore suspense I bring you the cover for your sub plans.