Sunday, January 31, 2016

Welcome...Again...In 2016!'s been almost 5 months....and I'm horribly sorry!  If you may recall I didn't start this school year the same way I had in the past.  Instead of gearing up for a new group of 2nd graders, I was informed that I would be moved into a new position.  Teaching art and assisting my principal (and for about 3 months I was in denial that I was now in Administration but I am).  I thought this would be a main focus on my art classes with some assisting on the side.  It turns out it's more main focus on assisting with art coming 2nd.  I don't like to call art on the side because I still plan, prep and grade.  It's taken some time to get adjusted and how my new life fits.  The first half of this school year, raced by and I was barely keeping up.  However, thanks to Blizzard 2016, I've been able to recharge, rest and it's time to get this back and running.  I still love making printables. I have lots to share with you!  And you'll hear lots of Disney because we are just about 6 months away from our vacation!  I was reading my old posts and when I got to my Disney planning ones I had to chuckle - our vacation is not the same as when it was originally booked.  We've downgraded our Dining plan from Deluxe to Regular and decided to stay longer.  We are still staying to Port Orleans but instead of French Quarter, we've decided to try Riverside.  They have rooms with a pull down little bunk and the Cupcake (our little)  isn't so good at sharing a bed.  We've heard fantastic things about both of them so we are excited.  And both are connected so we can always go on over and try the pool and, of course, the beignets.  Superman (my hubs) is actually going to Disney on a small trip of his own before we depart and is staying there too so he'll get to preview it and let us know his thoughts.  And my reservations are coming up!  Stay tuned! We're gonna get this up and running again!