Monday, September 5, 2016

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Printable: Word of the Week: Tenacious

I like the word tenacious.  The way it rolls off your tongue.  It really is the perfect word for holding too something - a belief, an ideal, a person.  To me, it means if you are tenacious enough to believe in something so strongly, you'll take that next step and do something with it - you'll be the change we need in the world.  Sticking to what you believe, what's in your heart is hard, and we need a tough word to give the courage to keep going.  Be tenacious today.

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Printable: Lyrics: Try Everything

We like Zootopia at my house.  I pretty much fell in love at first viewing.  I adore the message, I adore the characters. We are very excited to learn that pre-parade at the Boo To You Halloween Parade at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is the Zootopia Party Patrol with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps interacting with the kids and passing out candy.  Every time I think about what we are getting to do on our next trip and new things I learn about the Halloween and Christmas party I get so excited, thankful, grateful and blessed.  Why? Because the next trip isn't the original we set out to do.  However, life happened and we didn't even think of it as lemons but just automatically made lemonade and made this the Disney trip of a lifetime.  For real, we're doing like 5 things on our #DisneyBucketList so what else is there to do but think that really this is how it's supposed to be.  So really that means Try Everything.  Which is the theme song from Zootopia.  No giving up (no matter how bad I want to, and believe me in that past month I have wanted to), keep pushing, keep trying.  I love this song so much I made 3 printables out of it.  Download your favorite, download all or just get a pick me up.