Sunday, May 31, 2015

Printables: Welcome Sign and Facebook Cover

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off this blog than to start off with my first printable freebie!
I actually have 2 for you...a Welcome sign that is perfect in any classroom and a Facebook cover on pink glitter with one of my favorite Peter Pan quotes. It's actually my own Facebook cover right now.

This Welcome sign was something I saw on Pinterest (you can see the pin here)

*Reminder that you will be directed to the product on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is a free download and you will need to sign up for a (free) account to download.*

And something simple (sometimes I'm simple, sometimes not) if you it should ever strike you that you need a Peter Pan quote on your Facebook or reminded to slow down, be a kid, whatever!



Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I've tried blogging before but nothing really stuck so now I've finally figured out the things I love and thought they would be useful to share. Here is a few notes about what I love:
  •  I love digital scrapbooking - I love the creative process of it and one of these days I'll get serious about printing the pages out. 

  • I love printables - I have discovered that I LOVE, ADORE, AM ADDICTED to making new signs and decorations for my classroom. So I've decided to also share them with you.  If it is classroom related you'll be directed to my TpT store (Teachers Pay Teachers). They will be free to download but you will need to register for an account (it's free to sign up). If they are anything else I'll have them either to save right from the blog or download from 4shared.

  • I love teaching - I've been teaching for 8 years and have found out it is truly a love and passion of mine.  I adore the school I'm in and I adore teaching second grade (it's my favorite!).

  • I love Disney - When I grow up I want to work at Disney World.  We plan a Disney trip usually every year (sometimes every other) and have decided to share our tips, tricks, and printables I make for this as well. 
If you every wish to make a request or would like to have something tweaked then please contact me (there's a little form on the side of the blog) and I'll try my very best to accommodate you.  

What you see here is what makes sense to me and what makes sense to me doesn't always mean it will make sense to you and that's OK.  It's a place for sharing, so if you don't have something encouraging or positive to add then please don't add it.